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Fax: 217.528.5832

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217.528.7541 x 43749
800.444.7541 x 43749



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1025 South 6th Street
P.O. Box 19248
Springfield, IL 62794-9248

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P.O. Box 19260
Springfield, IL 62794

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If you would like to submit a comment, suggestion or complaint that will help us improve our service to you, including any regarding accommodations to enable your access to health care, we encourage you to complete our online form below or call us at 217.528.7541 and ask for Extension 1. If you need assistance regarding your bill or payments, please contact our Patient Accounting department.

Please note: This form is not meant to be used for questions or assistance regarding medical care or communicating with medical staff.  Springfield Clinic makes available to its patients, for free, a patient portal that may be accessed at myHealth@SC is an appropriate means for communication of personal health or billing information or other information that you expect Springfield Clinic to maintain in confidence, in accordance with Springfield Clinic’s privacy obligations. You may also contact your provider's office by phone at 217.528.7541

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