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Occupational Medicine

About Us

Occupational medicine deals with the prevention and treatment of diseases and injuries occurring at work or in specific occupations. Additionally, we deliver health advice to organizations and individuals to ensure that the highest standards of health and safety at work can be achieved and maintained for our businesses and industries.

Injuries and illnesses directly impact your bottom line. Springfield Clinic MOHA services help control costs, improve medical care and close out old workers' compensation cases. Our on-site medical service is also a tremendous employee benefit, allowing for quality, expeditious and convenient care.

MOHA's team of medical professionals includes physicians who specialize in occupational health, providing a wide range medical services at company locations throughout the midwest. Additionally, MOHA is served by nurse practitioners and certified drug screen collectors.

Our Services

How can MOHA help your business improve productivity?

Springfield Clinic Midwest Occupational Health Associates (MOHA) specializes in:

  • Audiograms

  • DOT and Non-DOT drug and alcohol testing

  • DOT physicals

  • EKGs

  • Fitness for duty exams

  • Injury assessment, treatment and management

  • N-95 mask fittings

  • On-site clinics

  • OSHA-mandated hazmat, silica, hazwoper, respirator, cadmium, lead, etc.

  • Post job-offer exams

  • Pulmonary Function testing

Five ways Springfield Clinic MOHA can help advance your business

  1. Hire the best. A pre-placement physical can help identify possible health issues before they become serious. Drug screenings can help ensure your job site or work environment stay safe.

  2. Reduce risk. Whether it’s an on-site flu vaccine clinic, an ergonomically correct office space or a safety-measure check at a construction site, proper health precautions can prevent risk of disease, injuries and avoidable accidents.

  3. Improve costs. An investment in preventative safeguards will not only add to overall security and employee well-being, it prevents large-scale expenses associated with on-the-job accidents.

  4. Increase productivity. Safety and productivity are deeply connected. When an employee feels you have their best interest in mind, job performance, loyalty and engagement significantly increase.

  5. Expert care. Our providers are expertly trained in the treatment of work-related injuries and understand the intricacies of workers’ compensation claims on a deeper level than the traditional primary care physician.


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John Kovalan, owner of Construction Safety & Risk Management Services, has spent nearly 30 years in the construction market and partners with local companies on workplace safety training.

"I find working with MOHA is exceptional because of the communication between the injured worker, nurse practitioner and doctor. Together, we work with injured employees to get them back to work productively.

Choose to build a relationship with an occupational health organization where you can build a relationship that is reciprocal. You want to put yourself in a position where you trust the care being provided to your employees. That’s what I believe in.”

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