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Springfield Clinic is excited to bring our patients the latest advance in personal health care management – and YOU’RE in the driver’s seat. Welcome to myHealth@SC Patient Health Portal, the next big leap in health technology.

myHealth@SC is a secure, convenient way to manage your personal health care and communicate directly with your doctor’s office online. This FREE self-service health management tool can improve interactions with your doctor’s office, document important health care information and ultimately give you the ability to make more informed decisions about your health! Register online today.

Now, manage the health of your dependents, as well!

You’ve been using myHealth@SC to manage your personal health care—now, Springfield Clinic’s personal patient portal lets you manage the care of your loved ones. The latest addition to myHealth@SC, called proxy, allows caregivers access to the health information of their dependents. 

Proxy allows users the full functionality of myHealth@SC to manage the health care of a dependent individual. In compliance with HIPAA laws and legal privacy, proxy access is available in three categories – minor* proxy (newborn through 11 years), dependent adult proxy (18 years and up) and self-assigned patient proxy. Once access is established, proxy users will be able to utilize the same great myHealth@SC features available from their personal accounts.  

myHealth@SC Features

Recent enhancements

We’re proud to unveil a newly-designed myHealth@SC to help you take a more active role in managing your health.

Whether you're looking to keep any eye on your weight or blood pressure, or need to monitor a chronic condition, myHealth@SC is a tool for everyone.

With an improved, user-friendly navigation and nearly 40 enhancements—suggested by you, our patients—myHealth@SC is now even easier to use than before! For example, quick links (“Message” and “Schedule Appt”) at the top of the page enable you to send an email or schedule an appointment from anywhere within the application—without having to leave the page you’re currently on. 

Comfort of a secure environment

Your health information is posted to a highly secure data repository 

Your information - and you manage it

  • Review and update your health history and personal health record online
  • Expedite appointment check-ins by completing and submitting forms online
  • Download, fax, and email select health information – immunizations history, school exam forms, and more
  • View personal health information from other participating organizations
  • Review your personal medical record, including office visits, physician notes, conditions, and medications
  • View test and lab results

Connect with your doctor's office

  • Request appointments when it’s convenient for you
  • Request appointments with a new provider
  • Request a prescription refill
  • Send and receive messages from your doctor’s office
  • Receive reminders for preventative and follow-up care
  • Add SMS text messaging to your communication preferences

Manage health care dependents

Proxy access allows access to the health information of another person. Examples include:

  • Minor child
  • Dependent adult
  • Spouse
  • Legal guardian 

Additional highlights

  • myHealth@SC requires no downloads or installation and is accessible using your internet browser, making registration a simple “click and go” process. **If you have struggled with this process because of Silverlight issues, you are in luck! Silverlight is no longer a requirement to use myHealth@SC.
  • A video tutorial provides a step-by-step guide of how to use the portal.
  • A patient user guide and searchable knowledge base are easily accessible to answer frequently asked questions
  • Scheduling appointments, sending emails and paying bills can all be completed directly from the home screen.
  • The printing, faxing and emailing of secure messages, scanned documents, appointment information and more can be performed within the document viewer.
  • Physician profiles can be shared to outside contacts from directly within the system.


Will my entire record be available?
Currently, certain portions of the record are not available electronically. These include:

  • Records prior to October 2008 (available in paper form through a request to HIM)
  • Behavioral health and protected minor visits
  • Occupational medicine
  • Ophthalmology diagnostic imaging
  • Inactive records
  • Allergy prescriptions/injection
  • External body photographs and x-ray images
  • Sensitive communications such as DCFS reporting
  • Previous non-clinic integrations (I.e. Drs. Bansal and Klingler)
  • Business records

Why do I get appointment reminders for some appointments in myHealth@SC and not for others?
Due to the utilization of different scheduling systems, appointments reminders are not available for the Ambulatory Surgery Center, Radiology and Laboratory.

What is the sign in and authentication process?
In order to use myHealth@SC, all users must have an FMH Secure Login. If you do not already have one of these accounts, you will be prompted to create one in the registration process. 

When I receive an email to sign-up for myHealth@SC, how long will the link in the email be valid?
60 days

How do I sign up for adult proxy?
There are two ways to grant adult proxy access: dependent adult registration, and self-assigned adult registration.Visit any Springfield Clinic office and complete the Adult Proxy Access Request Form. Return it to the receptionist.

  1. Dependent Adult Proxy  
    1. The receptionist will scan your photo ID and advise you of any other documentation necessary to the patient’s legal situation. Those items include:
      1. Power of attorney
      2. Guardianship papers
      3. Adoption papers
      4. Ward of the state or county
      5. Other
    2. Use the return address envelope to mail COPIES of the legal documents to the Springfield Clinic Privacy Office.
    3. Within 5-7 days you will receive a notification email from ‘’ with a link to complete the proxy account.
    4. You will be asked to enter an INVITE CODE, which is the PATIENT’S BIRTH YEAR and then complete the final steps to establish the account.
    5. Sign into the account and start using all the convenient features of myHealth@SC!
  2. Self-Assigned Proxy
    1. A patient can also grant proxy access to their own myHealth@SC account from within the portal.
    2. Log into your account and select Settings > Change Account Access.
    3. Enter the email address of the individual you would like to grant proxy access to.
    4. Select a pass code for the individual to enter when accessing your account.
    5. Provide this code to the proxy. 

Can a parent/guardian set up and manage an account for a child/dependent?
Yes. Minor child and dependent adult proxy accounts must still be set up in person. Complete the proxy account form and bring to any Springfield Clinic location.

Is there a timeout setting?
Yes, users will be automatically logged out of myHealth@SC after 10 minutes of inactivity.

Will online consults be available?
No, billable online consults with physicians are not available at this time. The messaging feature may be used to ask simple, non-urgent questions.

What if I have concerns about the content of my record?
Call Springfield Clinic at 800.444.7541 and ask for the Privacy Office. They will work with your provider to make any changes.

Can I un-enroll from myHealth@SC?
Yes, your account can be disabled from further communication of medical data but the historical data will remain. This can be done within the connections tab and removing the organization from which you no longer want information.

Some of the wording in my record seems to be abbreviated or stand for something. How can I know what it means?
It is common for medical records to use abbreviations. View our list of commonly used abbreviations