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    Medical Records

    About Us

    Welcome to the medical records services at Springfield Clinic. Two departments are responsible for medical record functions: the Health Information Management Department (HIM) and the Privacy Office.

    The HIM team handles external release of information, patient indexing, and records processing for new providers and affiliations.

    Patients, insurance companies, attorneys, students and business associates can use this site to access forms, procedures, contacts and other information regarding privacy practices at Springfield Clinic.

    Don’t hesitate to contact us at 217.280.9804 if you have any questions or concerns about requesting your medical records.

    Release of Information

    One of the main responsibilities of the Health Information Management Department is to process requests for external release of information. We are custodians of legal records and are called upon to testify when records are required in court.

    There are nine work types of informational releases that the we process for provider offices:

    1. Subpoenas for records

    2. Attorney requests

    3. Employer workers compensation requests

    4. Insurance applications (health and life)

    5. Commercial disability forms (loan claims)

    6. Department of Rehabilitation Services

    7. Federal Bureau of Disability Determination Services

    8. Release to patients and other providers

    9. Employer disability forms

    Contact Information

    Springfield Clinic

    Attn: Correspondence Section

    PO Box 19248

    Springfield, IL 62794-9248

    P: 217.280.9804

    F: 217.527.2887

    Processing fee for record copies:

    Patients requesting copies of the medical records for their own personal use will be charged a copy fee which may include cost of supplies plus actual postage.

    There will be no charge for the requests for record copies to be released to another caregiver for purposes such as, transfer of care, continuity of care purposes and second opinion.

    For additional information, contact the Correspondence team with the Health Information Management Department.