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    Community & Culture

    The driving force of Springfield Clinic is its people. We come to work every day with a mission to improve health, provide value and serve the community. We are proud to be recognized by the Springfield Business Journal as a “Best Place to Work” in central Illinois!

    “The reason why Springfield Clinic is the best place to work is that it is full of wonderful people who make going to work fun, a leadership team that cares about their employees’ well-being and a culture of giving, working hard and making improvements every day to patient care, employee jobs and the organization in general.”

    -Liz Parker, Communications

    Read all about how Springfield Clinic was named to Newsweek's list of the Top 100 Most Loved Workplaces for 2023 and 2022!


    Springfield Clinic plans off site events like our annual sand volleyball tournament for staff to connect and enjoy spending time together outside the office. We love sharing employee moments on our social media platforms and encourage everyone to connect, share and engage as champions of SC!


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    We understand that great work is rarely due to one outstanding person but more often a mindful and supportive group effort. Springfield Clinic departments across the organization work together as one team. No matter your role or department, you have a voice. We show up for each other and work together to make our patients’ AND our coworkers’ experiences great.


    We love to celebrate each other. EngageSC is our recognition platform where you can send kudos and recognize teammates. Service anniversaries are celebrated with digital books and points to be spent on Amazon with opportunities to earn more points. We also spend a whole week celebrating our people every November!


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    Many who are drawn to health care organizations are caring and compassionate individuals with a desire to make a difference in others’ lives. Not only does this benefit our patients, but it makes a lasting impact on the careers and lives of our teammates. We take pride in being our own community charged with caring for the communities in which we live. 

    We’re there for each other and our patients from the scary diagnoses to the bell ringing on the last day of radiation treatment and all the moments in between.

    “Of all the different healthcare settings I have worked in, none have matched the level of true compassion and care that I've witnessed here at Springfield Clinic. I'm proud to be a part of a team that respects each other and works so well together. It truly makes all the difference in caring for our patients.”

    -Brittney Taylor, Ultrasound Technologist