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    Professional Growth

    Growth Opportunities

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    Springfield Clinic prioritizes internal opportunities and helping employees thrive within the organization. We want you to feel fulfilled and experience success in your role and have the support to grow into new ones. From nursing, lab, radiology and rehab services to HR, marketing, finance and IT, the career opportunities at Springfield Clinic are diverse, and internal transfers are common. 


    Training programs are geared to ensure we are fostering great leaders and talented employees throughout the organization. Our operations rotation and clinical development programs provide structured training and allow you to find the place in the organization best suited to you. And we encourage shadowing opportunities for students interested in careers in health care and beyond!

    Training & Education

    Student Externship

    Our student externship program trains you to help departments with patient needs, such as obtaining vitals, medical histories and medication reconciliation, and simple tasks, such as refilling medications or rescheduling appointments. The program requires a few hours per week for training, so it’s great for summer or winter break. Participants will also receive continued support throughout their nursing school journey. When to apply: After your first semester in nursing school.

    Continuing Education

    Every month, we offer continuing education hours on various clinical topics for free. This allows you to reach those required learning hours for renewal of licensures and certifications. Springfield Clinic has the State of Illinois learning requirement topics in web format to ensure your completion.


    Part-time and full-time Springfield Clinic employees that are in good standing are eligible for scholarships toward an LPN degree or RN degree.

    Support & Leadership

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    Nurse Residency

    Designed to support new nurse graduates (RNs and LPNs) transition into their first year of practice, we’ll focus on nursing leadership, enhancing patient outcomes and professional development. Each month, you’ll attend a 30-minute learning session that emphasizes those key pillars. New nursing graduates will also be rounded on during their first year to ensure that they feel supported in their new role and learning.

    Preceptor Network

    Members of our Preceptor Network become the “go-to” people in their departments for questions and advice. Monthly meetings occur to discuss best practices, ways to support new staff, the education needs of departments and the championing of new Springfield Clinic initiatives. Preceptors are compensated with a pay differential.

    CMA Programs

    Midwest Technical Institute CMA Tuition Reimbursement Program

    Springfield Clinic is partnering with Midwest Technical Institute (MTI) to provide tuition reimbursement for current CMA students. By starting your career at Springfield Clinic, you'll find flexible shifts, a professional development program and continued investment in your education. Start the conversation on how you can qualify for up to $10,000 in MTI's tuition reimbursement program.

    Lincoln Land Community College CMA Program & Tuition Reimbursement Program

    Springfield Clinic knows the importance of CMA programs. While maintaining a great working relationship between Lincoln Land Community College (LLCC) and other organizations, having CMAs rotate in our program allows for entry access to our clinical teams. Having that real life experience in our clinical spaces allows those students to be better prepared for when they finish the program.

    Springfield Clinic is partnering with Lincoln Land Community College (LLCC) to provide tuition reimbursement for current CMA students. By starting your career at Springfield Clinic, you'll find flexible shifts, a professional development program and continued investment in your education. Qualified students can receive up to $10,000 in LLCC's tuition reimbursement.

    CSA Program

    Introducing a new career path at Springfield Clinic, the Clinical Support Assistant (CSA).  

    Becoming a CSA provides the opportunity to pursue a clinical career with a developmental roadmap, all-inclusive training and expenses covered to achieve your goals. 

    • Have you always been interested in a clinical path in health care but weren’t sure were to start? 

    • Have you wanted to test the clinical waters without an out-of-pocket expense? 

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    The CSA will be responsible for functioning as an entry-level assistant to the physician, optometrist, nurse practitioner or physician assistant, and licensed/certified personnel in the areas of direct and indirect patient care. A high school diploma or GED is required. 

    Within a year of hire, a certification will be obtained as applicable (Certified Medical Assistant). All costs covered by Springfield Clinic.

    CSA’s will receive on-site training and a path to further clinical certifications including: 

    • 2-week training "boot camp" to learn the basics and become CPR certified. 

    • 1-week observation in a clinical setting (Afterwards, CSAs will select a path best suited to their skills and interests.)

    • 2–3-weeks of clinical specialization on-site training  

    • After all training is complete, you will be matched with a department!  

    • CSA’s will also receive 4-hour continued education per month for a year at no cost to them.

    • CSA's will also receive additional support to get certified at no cost to them.