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    Your Patient Experience

    Voice of the Patient

    Voice of the Springfield Clinic Patient

    We are a community of caring. Everything we say and do and how we say and do it is reflected in the differential patient experience you will encounter at Springfield Clinic. We want every patient to have peace of mind that they are receiving the highest quality care and are fully supported by our care team and employees. 

    Simply put, we care about our patients as people

    We all live together in the communities we serve.  We build our patient-provider relationships based on trust and communication.  We want everyone to receive the emotional and physical care they expect and deserve from their health care provider. 

    We care about your experience and rely on the voice of our patients to continually improve. Thank you!

    Our Surveys

    Our patient experience surveys are administered to measure our performance during your patient journey. 

    Within a week of your clinic visit, you may receive a text message or email invitation from our patient experience partner, Press Ganey. These confidential surveys help us recognize employees and providers that have gone above and beyond and guide our operations team with suggestions for improvement. 

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    We Listen. 

    In 2021, we received more than 85,000 completed patient surveys with nearly 50,000 detailed patient comments. Thank you for taking the time to share your feedback so we can continually improve and recognize our employees and providers. We read EVERY patient comment! This year, we are recognizing more than 150 providers for achieving the top ten percent in national patient experience performance in 2021, 50 of whom are in the top one percent. View the the full list for this year, and be assured your care is in great hands at Springfield Clinic.

    Thanks to your input we adapted our services such as convenient walk-in appointments for Orthopedics, and expanded Urgent Care hours, Telehealth appointments, time-saving drive-up labs and an expansion of coverage for our TeleNurse program—which stands ready in your time of need. We continue to invest in digital technologies to continually improve the patient journey and health care outcomes. 


    Frequently asked questions about patient experience surveys

    How do I fill out a patient experience or patient satisfaction survey for Springfield Clinic?

    Patients of Springfield Clinic will receive invitations from our experience partners, Press Ganey, Solv and/or Podium, to provide feedback on their visit. 

    If you receive a Press Ganey invite, prior to entering the survey, you are required to input your date of birth to verify your identity.   

    Patients can also provide their feedback directly to Springfield Clinic via this online form. If you have an urgent need or question, please contact your provider’s office during clinic hours or TeleNurse afterhours at 217.528.7541. 

    What do you do with the responses and feedback I share on my patient experience surveys? Does anyone read the comments and surveys?

    Yes, our Press Ganey surveys are confidential and it’s a safe and comfortable place for our patients to let us know what we should keep doing and where our opportunities for improvement may be. The voice of our patients is very strong. Last year, we reviewed more than 85,000 completed patient surveys.  We’re able to share positive comments with our care teams, providers and employees to recognize those delivering exemplary care and to celebrate what our patients love most about the Springfield Clinic experience. We’re able to review comments that need attention so we can resolve and identify how to improve the experience in the future. We read every comment and get better every day by listening to our patients. More than 95% of our patients recommend Springfield Clinic to their family and friends, and we strive for every patient encounter to be exceptional. 

    Does Springfield Clinic text patient experience surveys to patients from the number 91994?

    Yes. Springfield Clinic partners with Press Ganey on surveys for our Ambulatory Surgery & Endoscopy Center and Pain Clinic, Urgent Care and other primary and specialty care clinic visits. If we have an accurate mobile number listed for your patient account in our system, you will receive an invitation to complete a Press Ganey survey from the text number 91994.  

    Why did I receive an email invitation to complete a survey/review?

    If we don’t have a valid mobile phone number on file or you have not engaged with the text invite in two days, you will receive an email inviting you to either: 1) complete a Press Ganey survey; or, 2) leave a review on Google or Facebook through Podium. 

    In addition, if you do not respond to the initial email, a follow-up email is sent five days after the first email. We want to allow time for you to respond in the format that you prefer along the timeline that is best for you. We value all patient feedback, so please don’t hesitate to share your experience. 

    Why am I getting texts to leave a Google or Facebook Review? 

    Our experience partners, Solv and Podium, both invite patients to leave a verified review on Google and/or Facebook. Patients will receive a text from a standard 11-digit phone number inviting them to provide a review of their Springfield Clinic visit online.  Reviews left on Google or Facebook reviews are visible to the public. 

    I don’t have access to a smartphone or email and would like to share feedback about my patient experience at Springfield Clinic?

    We appreciate and are listening to patient feedback no matter how you choose to communicate! You can call 217.528.7541 and ask for Quality Management or Patient Experience. Or you can also submit a letter or card directly to our Patient Experience Team, 1025 South 6th Street, Springfield, IL 62794-9248. 

    How can I unsubscribe from receiving patient experience survey invites via email and or text message?

    The subscription list invites for patient experience are distributed and managed by Press Ganey, Podium and Solv, and they all offer opt-out links in every email or reply “STOP” to the text message. If you wish to stop receiving these invitations to complete these patient experience surveys, simply reply to the invitation on your phone or in your email. 

    Opting out of survey/review invites will not remove you from receiving Springfield Clinic appointment reminders or registration and check-in forms via text or email.   

    Frequently asked questions about electronic pre-registration

    Why am I receiving texts/emails from Springfield Clinic about filling out forms before my appointment?

    Springfield Clinic is piloting a new technology that allows patients to fill out required health forms and other information from the privacy of their own phones or computers. This is currently only available for a limited number of our offices. Patients who fill out their information prior to their appointment will not have to do so out loud at the front desk upon arriving. 

    What if I want to fill out my health forms prior to my appointment but I don’t have a smartphone?

    If you have a valid email address filed with us, you will be able to fill out the information on a computer.  If you don’t have access to a computer, you can still complete check-in at our registration desk in person. Please plan to arrive 20 minutes ahead of your appointment time to do so. 

    What if I don’t have a smartphone or an email address?

    No problem! You will continue to complete your health forms and information verification in-person before your appointment, like you always have. Please plan to arrive 20 minutes ahead of your appointment time to do so. 

    Is this text and email link about verifying my patient registration and completing my clinical health questions secure?

    Yes, Springfield Clinic only uses HIPAA-compliant platforms, and your information is always confidential and secure. 

    I think my cell phone and/or email address is out of date in Springfield Clinic’s records. How can I update it?

    Call us at 217.528.7541 and ask for Patient Advocate Center to update your phone number or email address contact over the phone.

    Why is this new electronic pre-registration technology being implemented?

    This new technology is in direct response to patient feedback to improve and modernize our registration process. We know our patients want a place to confirm their information privately so they don’t have to repeat it all and share out loud in the reception area, and this new online system is being implemented to make that experience as smooth and private as possible. It will also improve the accuracy of our patient information since our patients will be able to see what is showing up in our system and be able to make suggested changes to their contact information including preferred phone, mailing address, insurance, employer, emergency contacts, etc. 

    Why am I receiving multiple texts/emails inviting me to prepare for my appointment and save time at registration?

    Currently, there are certain departments at Springfield Clinic that are moving to online pre-registration forms.  If your provider is in this group, you will receive a text/email inviting you to complete your registration information before you come to the clinic so you can save time during check-in.  four days, one day and 90 minutes before your appointment to verify your information. If you complete your electronic registration when you receive the first text or email link, you will stop receiving reminders. I f you don’t have time to complete we will send a reminder one day prior and 90 minutes prior to your appointment to complete.  If you don’t complete the information, you can complete your registration in-person at the registration desk like we’ve always done. 

    What if I can’t complete my information verification/electronic registration in one sitting?

    Starting and stopping filling out your pre-visit health forms is easy! Your unique patient information will save automatically when you close your browser or open tab. When you access your personalized link through the text or email you received again, you can pick up right where you left off and see the progress bar at the top.   

    Why am I receiving information verification, appointment reminders and patient experience survey requests from different phone numbers?

    Springfield Clinic currently uses different technology platforms to communicate with you. The phone numbers may vary. If you have any questions, feel free to contact our office if you’re unsure about a particular message. The invites from our patient experience vendors: Press Ganey, Podium and Solv come from their unique phone numbers and they manage their own subscription lists. 

    Does this new online registration and health forms replace the patient portal, [email protected] (Follow My Health)?

    No. You will continue to use [email protected] powered by Follow My Health® to access your patient portal.

    What type of information will I need to supply during the online pre-registration process?

    If you are a current patient, you will be prompted to verify or update your information that is on file in our system. The link in the text message or the email that you received may ask you to verify or update the following information: 

    • Name (and if you’re filling this out on behalf of yourself or another person) 

    • Date of birth 

    • Address 

    • Phone 

    • Email 

    • Contact preference 

    • Employer’s name 

    • Race 

    • Emergency contact 

    • Primary care provider 

    • Authorization of release of verbal medical information 

    • Opt-in for appointment reminders and future care opportunities 

    • Consent documents 

    • Electronic signature 

    Your Experience

    Have an unresolved quality of care or safety concern to share with Quality Management? 

    Contact 217.528.7541 and ask for Extension 1 or fill out our online feedback form.

    One of our compassionate team members from our Quality Management department will listen to your concern right away. 

    Have a great patient story or positive experience to share?

    We’d love to learn more. 

    Please use our patient experience form to share your experience or story with our experience team. We appreciate the opportunity to recognize our employees and providers, so if you remember the names of those you interacted with, please specify!