SC Celebrates logo of internal employee recognition and reward program.

    SC Celebrates

    About SC Celebrates

    SC Celebrates is Springfield Clinic's recognition and reward program which was rolled out in response to feedback received through the 2022 Most Loved Workplace Survey. SC Celebrates highlights the exceptional work of a number of employees each quarter. All Springfield Clinic team members can submit nominations for their colleagues, and patient feedback through patient surveys or online reviews is used to "nominate" employees as well. Recipients are selected through a blind review process by an interdepartmental committee. 

    Q1 2023 SC Celebrates Recipients

    Group photo of quarter 1 SC Celebrates recipients for 2023.

    Amanda Beveridge

    Amanda Block

    Amanda Woods

    Amaris Ali

    Ami Broughton

    Brenna Owens

    Carol Young

    Carrie Knox

    Casey Butterfield

    Chris Graham

    Chrissy Anderson

    Christina Watson

    Codi Julius

    Danielle Sims Dellaquilla

    David King

    Dillon Van Nostrand

    Erin Osman

    Hannah Mudd

    Hannah Parker

    Idella Guerra

    Isaac Beyer

    Jamie Stoltzenburg

    Jen Nix

    Jennifer Applegate

    Jessica Carver

    Jessica Danner

    Jessica O'Connell

    Kaitlyn Tarr

    Karen Nation

    Kari Beckham

    Kenyon Bradley

    Keri Tucker

    Kerri Lacy

    Khyran Boyd

    Kim Rose

    Kimberly Johnson

    Kimberly O'Malley

    Laura Timmerman

    Cindy Ward

    Madison Koehne

    Mandy Smith

    Marisa Schiffman

    Max Clark

    Melissa Chizmar

    Michele Stine

    Michelle Kiefer-Cox

    Myranda Knickerbocker

    Pedro Cervantes

    Rachel DeLong

    Rachel Hancock

    Rachel Owens

    Rebecca Beyers

    Stephanie McGraw

    Susan Sunley

    Tanya Glover

    Taylor Lemons

    Tina Connors

    Tina Richards

    Tracy Austin

    Tracy Seaton

    Valerie Vincent