Clinical research is an exciting field of medical study, helping discover new therapies, treatments and cures for diseases and conditions, ultimately improving patients' lives. With the knowledge gained from clinical trials, substantial advances have been made in the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of thousands of diseases, resulting in significant improvements in quality and quantity of human life.

Springfield Clinic Clinical Research has a dedicated staff that works with the talented and compassionate primary care physicians and specialists at Springfield Clinic to provide patients throughout the Midwest with “Cutting Edge Research for Tomorrow’s Medicine.”

For patients, this website is provided to help increase awareness and understanding of clinical research, and to promote participation in clinical trials. Visitors can explore details about ongoing studies, participating physicians and our dedicated staff members to help further your understanding of the Clinical Research Department and their contribution to advancement in medical science.

For study sponsors (pharmaceutical companies), this website is one convenient destination to ascertain information about Springfield Clinic, the Clinical Research Department and the medical team available.

If you would like to learn more about clinical research or about participating in one of our studies, please call our department at 217.528.7541.

We thank you for your interest and support for our research endeavors.

Participating Providers

Springfield Clinic’s primary care physicians, medical specialists and other health care professionals all work closely with Springfield Clinic's Clinical Research Department staff to conduct all of the clinical trials at Springfield Clinic. Currently, many of our physician, nurse practitioners and physicians’ assistants participate in clinical trials. 

The Clinical Research Department and its participating providers are supported by the Springfield Clinic Research Committee, a group of Springfield Clinic physicians that provides oversight and approval for all clinical trials managed at the Clinic.

Physicians or providers participating in clinical research are indicated on their individual profile page.