Clinical research is a medical discipline dedicated to studying new and innovative therapies and ultimately improving the overall quality of human lives worldwide. The standard therapies, preventions and diagnoses used today to save millions of lives were at one time evaluated through the clinical research process. Participating in clinical research as a staff member, a provider, a sponsor or, importantly, as a patient contributes to medical advancement and the well-being of future generations.     

Springfield Clinic’s physicians have contributed to clinical research for over 50 years. Today, Springfield Clinic has a dedicated clinical research staff that collaborates with providers to offer central Illinois patients an opportunity to participate in impactful clinical trials. These trials may provide promising treatment options that are otherwise not yet available.   

Successful clinical research requires strong partnerships between patients, providers and sponsors. Click on the links below for additional information about participating as a patient in a clinical trial, conducting research as a principal or sub-investigator, collaborating with Springfield Clinic Clinical Research as a sponsor and the site’s current clinical trial activities. 

If you would like to learn more about clinical research or about participating in one of our studies, please call our department at 217.528.7541.