"I have been a patient with the Springfield Clinic since 1956 when my family moved to Springfield," shares David W. "My first doctor was Dr. Eveloff and then Dr. Montgomery. I was a patient with Dr. Kozak for many years and I have other great doctors as well: Dr. Paradowski, Dr. Kellenberger, Dr. Zhen, Dr. Rai, Dr. Pacheco, Dr. Agarwal and Mike Genin."

David has served others his whole life by bringing them joy and entertainment, first through managing the amusement rides at the Illinois State Fairgrounds and now helping to manage a traveling circus that moves to small towns around the nation. 

David arrived at Springfield Clinic when it was still a small practice. Dr. Eveloff, one of Springfield Clinic's founders, was his pediatrician first, then his two daughters' pediatrician. He still recalls fondly that Mrs. Eveloff would answer the phone at home and go get her husband when David or his wife had questions about their daughters' care. 

Springfield Clinic's first office building in 1939 on S. 6th Street (left) and Dr. A.R. Eveloff (right).

Springfield Clinic's first office building in 1939 on S. 6th Street (left) and Dr. A.R. Eveloff (right).

"I have always had first class service from all of them and my family has trusted the Springfield Clinic doctors for the past 67 years," he says. "I also want to praise all of the nurses and other people that have helped me at the Clinic. I just want to THANK YOU for keeping me healthy and alive!!"

David has had to stay closer to Springfield recently and manage his traveling circus more from afar these days, but he doesn't intend to stop. All he has to do is think of all the children's faces he's seen over the years light up with awe when they enter the circus tent for the very first time, and he knows he'll keep working for as long as possible.

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