Exterior of Springfield Clinic's Main Campus in downtown Springfield, Illinois

    Affiliate with Springfield Clinic

    Do you long to have a practice where you can focus on taking care of patients, without the stresses of running an independent business weighing on you? With countless resources available through Springfield Clinic’s structure, you can focus on your patients and let us handle the rest.

    A Community of Caring

    Springfield Clinic believes we are our own community charged with caring for the communities we serve. We believe that to accomplish our mission of providing the highest quality health care to the people in central Illinois and beyond, we must build a community of caring in each of our service areas.

    Springfield Clinic physicians and advanced practitioners are committed to identifying and implementing cutting-edge, innovative solutions that improve overall patient health. We are known for delivering state-of-the-art therapies for conditions that would traditionally require treatment in larger, more metropolitan medical centers.

    Choosing Springfield Clinic

    As you consider joining Springfield Clinic, it’s important to understand we hold private practice in the highest esteem. Springfield Clinic providers strive for an unprecedented level of excellence through a careful selection process, and our partner physicians recognize that private practice physicians are the key to cost-effective, high-quality care.

    We offer a business support model that enhances revenue while trimming down practice costs through both operational efficiencies, as well as economies of scale. In addition, we provide ongoing business development, operations guidance, and practice management services. To put it simply, our model provides physicians with the advantages of a large group while allowing our physicians to do what they do best: practice medicine.

    Benefits of Joining Springfield Clinic

    Springfield Clinic is a physician-owned, physician-led medical group devoted to providing the highest quality health care to patients. Founded in 1939 by five physician partners, Springfield Clinic was one of the first multi-specialty medical clinics to form in downstate Illinois. Now, Springfield Clinic’s more than 600 physicians and advanced practitioners and nearly 3,000 employees serve a population of approximately one million patients throughout the central Illinois region and beyond, in 80 medical specialties and sub-specialties.

    On the logistical side, we provide a highly efficient infrastructure to support the many and varied needs of a medical business office, including:

    • Accounting

    • Billing Compliance

    • Brand & Experience

    • Call Center

    • Facilities Management

    • Health Information Management

    • Human Resources

    • Information Security/Privacy

    • Information Technology

    • Interpreter Services

    • Managed Care

    • Market Intelligence

    • Provider Recruitment & Integration

    • Quality Management

    • Talent Management

    • TeleNurse

    Treating patients should be your main concern. As a private practice physician, learn how becoming a part of Springfield Clinic will allow you to keep your independence and to put your patients first.

    To receive further information about joining Springfield Clinic, please email us at [email protected].