For more than 30 years, physical therapy has been part of the circle of care we deliver at Springfield Clinic. The PT team, which has grown steadily over time, has focused on traditional services associated with orthopedic pain and injury, neurological disorders and balance issues.

We are pleased to now include physical therapy as part of a much larger service umbrella known as Springfield Clinic Rehabilitation Services. In addition to physical therapists, the expanded staff includes specialists in occupational therapy, speech therapy and athletic trainers. As part of Springfield Clinic’s team, these providers collaborate closely with our physicians, nurse practitioners and physician assistants to supplement the medical treatment they deliver.

Rehabilitation team members are providing specialty services for clinical areas including the Center for Women’s Health, Colon & Rectal Surgery, the Cancer Center, the Orthopedic Group, ENT, Neurology and Pulmonology. They offer unique therapies for functions like swallowing, use of voice prostheses, incontinence, lymphedema and sports medicine. This new approach to rehabilitation paves the way for further expansion of these services into areas like chronic pain rehabilitation, aquatic therapy, cardiac rehabilitation and so much more.