Being diagnosed with diabetes is becoming more and more common, but that doesn’t make the diagnosis any less overwhelming. As the disease spreads, so does the need for knowledge. Born out of Springfield Clinic’s Endocrinology department, The Diabetes Learning Center was created to teach the newly—and not-so newly—diagnosed about their illness and its management.

The Diabetes Learning Center works to achieve independence within the disease, educating patients and starting them on the path to self-management.

Educate yourself to health

The Diabetes Learning Center currently offers a series of four classes for patients. These courses will teach patients how to:

  • Minimize the long-term effects of diabetes
  • Manage their medications
  • Adapt their lifestyles, including diet, exercise and healthy coping mechanisms
  • Be proactive in their diagnosis and disease

How can I be part of this?

Admission to the Diabetes Learning Center requires a referral from a Springfield Clinic health care provider to initiate scheduling. The Diabetes Learning Center will keep referring providers fully aware of their patient’s progress.

Will my insurance cover the program?

After we receive your referral into the program, we will verify coverage. Medicare and some private insurance companies cover the program charges.

Education leads to self-management. Self-management leads to a better life.

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Springfield Clinic’s Diabetes Learning Center is currently developing a follow up course, specifically geared toward patients who have completed our “You Can Do It!” series.

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