What is the Bone Health Center?

The Bone Health Center at Springfield Clinic focuses on fragility fractures and Osteoporosis. Our goal is to identify at-risk patients, support early diagnosis and provide appropriate medical management. Support from the Bone Health Center along with healthy lifestyle changes will improve the quality of life of our patients.


Osteoporosis is a disease of the bones.

Osteoporosis ImageBone is living tissue which is constantly being absorbed and replaced. Osteoporosis occurs when the creation of new bone doesn’t keep up with the deterioration of old bone. The result of this process is weak and brittle bone that can break with mild stresses like bending over, coughing or sneezing.

Osteoporosis-related fractures most commonly occur in the hip, wrist or spine. Medications, healthy diet and weightbearing exercise can help prevent bone loss or strengthen already weak bone.

Are you at risk? 

If any of these risks below apply to you, now is the time to get tested! 

  • I am a female over 65 or male over 70 
  • I am over 50 and had a broken bone
  • I have a family member with a history of fractures or diagnosis of osteoporosis
  • I am thin or small-framed 
  • I have had broken bones from a simple fall, noticed a loss in height or become bent over 
  • I drink a lot of caffeine or 3 or more alcoholic drinks per day 
  • I smoke cigarettes 
  • I have fallen down or am unsteady on my feet
  • I have a history of renal disease
  • I have had prolonged courses of corticosteroid treatment
  • I have had gastric bypass surgery
  • I use antiseizure medications, Prilosec, anastrozole, etc.
  • I have a history of premature menopause