Our well-trained and experienced team of vascular surgeons delivers comprehensive evaluation and surgical treatment for all conditions related to and diseases of the peripheral vascular system.

A vascular disease is a condition that affects the arteries and/or veins. Most often, vascular disease affects blood flow, either by blocking or weakening blood vessels, or by damaging the valves that are found in veins. Organs and other body structures may be affected by vascular disease as a result of decreased or completely blocked blood flow, including the respiratory system, digestive system, kidney and urinary system, and body temperature control.

Because vascular conditions and diseases may involve more than one of the body's systems at a time, Springfield Clinic's vascular surgery physicians work collaboratively with local hospitals, wound healing centers and the patient's entire medical team to deliver the best possible medical outcomes. Our doctors are active participants in Springfield Clinic's Specialty Outreach program and offer state-of-the-art medical care in rural communities throughout central Illinois.

Our board certified vascular specialists utilize evidence-based medicine and comprehensive, compassionate care to provide an excellent patient experience.