Springfield Clinic’s providers unite in the formation of this compact to confirm our commitment to our Mission and Vision. We pledge to design and implement the most effective clinical practices  and provide the highest quality health care to our patients. Our goal is to be a nationally recognized leader in providing value-driven, coordinated patient care. To do so involves working together to be innovative, patient focused, efficient & respectful of each other, our staff and most importantly, our patients.

Clinic's Responsibilities

Sustaining Excellence:

Recruit, retain and mentor excellent physicians and staff
Manage and lead Springfield Clinic with integrity and accountability
Acknowledge superior performance among physicians
Encourage and support career development, physician wellness, and healthy work-life balance


Demonstrate transparency regarding strategic intent, organizational priorities, business decisions and new proposals
Ensure a fair mechanism for evaluating physician issues
Offer opportunities for dialogue, evaluation and feedback


Provide infrastructure for CME and improvement
Continually inform and update physicians regarding changes in the medical practice environment 


Provide mechanism for fair, performance-based compensation, consistent with Springfield Clinic goals of quality, efficiency & value
Create an environment of positive feedback, recognition, and bonuses for achievement, including improvement in providing care to our patients


Continue to explore all opportunities for improvement and growth of Springfield Clinic

Provider's Responsibilities

Patient Centered Care:

Maximize patient focus of care by working as a team
Eliminate barriers to patient access
Obtain active patient involvement in their care
Treat all patients in a compassionate and respectful manner


Work in a collaborative manner to provide the highest quality patient experience 
Practice evidenced based, high quality medicine
Make sure all providers of patient care are involved or informed of care changes


Communicate clearly and promptly to patients and team members
Provide and document feedback
Coordinate with colleagues to maximize patient outcomes


Pursue and participate in CME, teaching and research
Maintain current knowledge of changing standards, procedures and specialty care practices
Implement clinically accepted standards of care
Be vigilant in ensuring economic viability of practice
Fulfill all ethical and professional responsibilities of profession
Participate in department and partner meetings
Participate in recruitment, growth and succession planning
Actively support Springfield Clinic goals and decisions
Be a positive community representative of the Springfield Clinic


Embrace models of care lending to improvement in patient experience
Pursue potential innovative care and business strategies