Female licensed social worker professional headshot.

Tahnissa Means, LCSW

Behavioral Health

About This Provider

Tahnissa Means, LCSW, provides care with the Bariatric program team.

"I chose health care due to the growing need to recognize the importance of treating the whole patient, both physical and mental health," says Tahnissa. "Concerns related to mental health can directly impact a person’s physical health and vice versa. By uniting these services, a patient can have a better overall health experience and can lead to improved outcomes."

Tahnissa completed both her graduate and undergraduate degrees at Saint Louis University. She has more than six years of experience and, prior to joining Springfield Clinic, worked at UltaCare Medical in Mt. Vernon, Ill.

In her free time, Tahnissa loves to ride motorcycles. She enjoys the opportunity to discover new communities and meeting new people with different backgrounds and life experiences.