George Gilbert, MD, has joined Springfield Clinic Peoria as a family medicine physician serving central Illinois patients.

Dr. Gilbert comes from a long line of physicians with his grandfather and an uncle from Kentucky serving as legendary role models. However, it was a high school basketball injury that propelled him toward a career in medicine.
Born and raised in Peoria, Dr. Gilbert spent much of the early part of his career caring for patients in underserved and rural areas. For the last 18 years, he has been an independent physician in Peoria with dual board certification in family medicine and addiction medicine. His goal is to inspire and assist all patients toward better self care while encouraging families and communities to care for one another.
“We are all part of the same team,” he says. “I like to help patients feel less afraid as they encounter the health care system. We are all patients at some point, and some of us have the opportunity to serve as health care providers who can accompany others in a professional and compassionate manner. Medicine itself is a tradition of respecting all persons and all lives.” 

Dr. Gilbert’s other professional interests include pastoral care and environmental health—especially recycling. He especially enjoys spending time with his wife and five children. He will continue to serve patients at his current Peoria location in the Proctor Professional Building at 5401 North Knoxville Avenue, Suite 215.