CoolSculpting AdTired of stubborn belly fat? Don't sweat it! 
Freeze it away with the CoolSculpting treatment.

CoolSculpting is an FDA-cleared medical procedure that freezes away unwanted fat for good without surgery or downtime. It can be done during a lunch hour and that convenience has helped it become the world's leading non-invasive fat removal treatment.

During your consultation, our certified CoolSculpting specialist will assess your needs and tailor your treatment to achieve your desired results. With CoolSculpting, it's never been easier to transform your body.

Double your results in less time! With CoolSculpting DualSculpting, two machines are used to provide patients treatment on two areas at once. 

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Freeze it FridaysFreeze It Fridays!

Fridays are even cooler now! The $100 CoolSculpting consultation fee is reduced to $50 on Freeze It Fridays. Call 217.793.3019 to schedule an appointment with a CoolSculpting Specialist.