Who says you have to act your age? Springfield Clinic OrthopedicsTotal Joint Replacements

A total joint replacement as an outpatient procedure? It’s possible! Since 2016, the surgeons with Springfield Clinic Orthopedics have been performing total joint replacements for knees and hips as outpatient procedures, which means you can have surgery and leave the same day.

A total joint replacement is a procedure where a surgeon replaces damaged parts of a joint with metal, plastic or ceramic devices. The devices, called prostheses, move like a normal, healthy joint. Our expert surgeons can perform joint replacements on hips, knees, ankles, wrists, shoulders and elbows (although not all of these are outpatient procedures).

Springfield Clinic was the first local health care organization to offer total knee and shoulder joint replacement as outpatient procedures. Call 217.528.7541 for more information or to make an appointment. Read more about our Ambulatory Surgery & Endoscopy Center, where you can get outpatient joint replacements done.