Our doctors have special interests in the diagnosis and management of infections. Examples include:

  • Organ transplant recipients
  • Patients with hepatitis
  • AIDS or other HIV infections
  • Influenza including H1N1 disease
  • Bacterial infections of the:
    • Skin
    • Heart
    • Muscle
    • Lung
    • Brain
    • Bones
    • Joints

Other Services

Travel Consultation

Since 1980, Springfield Clinic has offered full-time preventive and therapeutic services for the international traveler. Our specialists are board certified in Infectious Diseases and specially trained in international medicine.

Our consultation services include:

  1. A review of your past immunizations
  2. An explanation for the immunizations advised for your destination country
  3. A discussion of recent research on diseases you may encounter based upon your itinerary
  4. A review of the latest information from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the World Health Organization (WHO) about your destination and its local diseases
  5. Plans for prevention of local diseases such as malaria, “turista”, influenza,mountain sickness and SARS
  6. Advice about personal safety and medication protection during your travel
  7. The vaccines you must receive in order for you to travel
  8. The WHO International Certificate of Vaccination (the “yellow card”) to display at borders, local embassies, customs offices and transit points

Who should receive a travel consultation?

Our services include advice about prevention of malaria, respiratory infections, mountain sickness, dengue, diarrhea, schistosomiasis and other diseases associated with tropical water.

Anyone who travels abroad may benefit from a travel consultation. Those in particular need of consultation include:

1. Travelers to Africa, Asia, the South Pacific, Central America and South America

2. Diplomats

3. Missionaries

4. Anyone with a travel itinerary that veers “off the beaten path”

5. Students traveling or studying abroad

6. The elderly

7. Infants and small children

Does insurance pay for travel consultation?

Many insurance plans pay for preventive services. However, some plans consider travel “elective” and, therefore, treat these services as the responsibility of the individual. We accept cash, check, credit cards and pre-authorization from your insurance company at the time of service.

When should I schedule an appointment?

Six weeks prior to departure is the best time to schedule your appointment. Somevaccines require boosters before you leave; however, we will help you at any time.

With new medications, some major diseases can be prevented even if taken the day of departure.

What items should I bring to the appointment?

1. Itinerary by country

2. A list of past immunizations and their dates

3. A list of medications

4. Current insurance information

5. Any previous international certificate of immunization (“yellow card”)


Springfield Clinic Infectious Diseases & Foreign Travel Medicine offers the following immunizations:

1. Chicken pox

2. Diphtheria

3. Hemophilus influenzae

4. Hepatitis A

5. Hepatitis B

6. Influenza

7. Japanese B encephalitis

8. Measles

9. Meningococcal meningitis

10. Mumps

11. Pertussis (whooping cough)

12. Plague

13. Pneumococcal pneumonia

14. Polio

15. Rabies

16. Rubella (German measles)

17. Tetanus

18. Typhoid

19. Yellow fever

Cholera and Lyme disease immunizations are no longer available.


To protect against and treat malaria, will prescribe chloroquine (Aralen), doxycycline, Fansidar, Malarone, mefloquine (Lariam) and a standby antibiotic for bacterial infections as needed. You must obtain these oral medications from your pharmacy.