Thirteen Physicians to Join Springfield Clinic on Oct. 1

Thirteen physicians in six specialties will join Springfield Clinic on Oct. 1, 2019.

New Illinois Law Requires Breast Density Reported Directly to Patients

On Jan. 1, Illinois became the 36th state to mandate that health care providers report breast density directly to patients if it is detected in their mammogram.

Expert Staff: Education Standards for Oncology Nurses Set the Bar High at Springfield Clinic’s Cancer Center

A certification requirement for Springfield Clinic Cancer Center Nurses means better care for our patients.

Praveen Garg, MD, Joins Springfield Clinic’s Cancer Center

Springfield Clinic’s Cancer Center is welcoming a new oncologist and hematologist to their team this month.

Thank Your Local SC Lab Professional for Lab Professionals Week 2018

If you’ve ever had to wait on lab results from a test your doctor has ordered, you’ve probably not thought much about what happens behind the scenes before those results are sent back to your doctor.