Christopher Ehrlich has been a pediatrician with Springfield Clinic since 2004. He grew up in central Illinois, attending the University of Illinois for undergraduate school and Southern Illinois University for medical school and residency. He has two young children who he adores and thanks for helping him to become an even better, more well-rounded pediatrician. Dr. Ehrlich has a couple of philosophies, which are the pillars of his practice: First, he believes that one of the most critical aspects of the doctor-parent-patient relationship is good communication. He recognizes the need to listen attentively to the parent/patient. Furthermore, he wants the parent/patient to walk away from each clinic visit with clarity--knowing the diagnosis, the treatment plan and what to expect over the coming days. Second, Dr. Ehrlich emphasizes that treatment should be focused on doing what is best for the child. He is a firm believer in the science behind immunizations and the data demonstrating their effectiveness. On that note, he also believes that prescription medications, such as antibiotics and ADHD medications, are used too often. He believes in balancing the tools within a healthy human body to fight off diseases with the use of prescription medications only when they are necessary.

Education & Professional Certifications


Southern Illinois University School of Medicine, Springfield, IL


Pediatrics, Southern Illinois University School of Medicine, Springfield, IL

Board Certified

  • Pediatrics


Springfield Clinic Pediatric & Adolescent Center

2532 Farragut Drive
Springfield, IL


Hospital & Facility Affiliations

  • Memorial Medical Center, Springfield, IL
  • HSHS St. John's Hospital, Springfield, IL

Professional Memberships

  • Clinical Assistant Professor, Southern Illinois University School of Medicine

Awards & Acknowledgements

  • Southern Illinois University School of Medicine - Clinical Assistant Professor