Patient-Centered Medical Home (PCMH) is not a building, house or hospital; rather, it's an approach to providing the most comprehensive health care to our patients.

What makes a "home" a home?

We’d like the office of your primary care physician at Springfield Clinic to be a kind of headquarters for all your medical needs. Our goal is to make it simple for you to get the care you need and deserve.Your health care provider will facilitate a personal partnership with you and your family to provide the best in quality, comprehensive and progressive primary care.

Why are Springfield Clinic’s primary care offices becoming Patient-Centered Medical Homes?

Our culture is one of continuous improvement, with the goal of providing the highest quality care for our patients. By empowering your physician to provide, oversee and coordinate all the care you need, the PCMH model seeks to strengthen the provider-patient relationship. PCMH replaces "episodic" care -- which is based on symptoms and illnesses -- with coordinated, whole person care and long-term healing relationships.

As a patient of Springfield Clinic, you will enjoy an ongoing relationship with your personal physician. Your physician leads a team that takes collective responsibility for your care. You will be part of that team. The Medical Home also provides enhanced care through widened scheduling, expanded hours and open lines of communication amongst patients, physicians and staff.