Welcome Providers

In 1961, Springfield Clinic Drs. Ennis and Beinke were selected by G.D. Serle Company to pursue a clinical study of the drug Flagyl (metronidazole) prior to the drug’s final FDA submission. Both doctors had identified problem cases in pregnant women and prostitutes and expressed concerns about the treatment, particularly because of the recently discovered birth defects resulting from thalidomide administration in pregnant women. These investigators submitted observations and reports over 50 years ago that not only protected their patients, but may have also created an exponential health impact for future generations.  Every prescription that is written today required a stringent and thorough assessment through the clinical research process. Thus, when physicians and advanced practitioners participate in clinical research as investigators, they have an opportunity to be part of history, the medical field’s future and ultimately the world’s “Community of Caring”.   

Springfield Clinic and its physicians and advanced practitioners have adopted a strong patient-centric approach to health care in central Illinois for over 80 years. To continue this mission, the Clinical Research team is dedicated to providing the best possible health care options to its patients and offering providers with an opportunity to contribute to their professional communities. Sponsor- and grant-funded research efforts are centralized into the Clinical Research Department to provide a standard clinical research environment that meets all local and federal regulations.

A list of Springfield Clinic’s current and enrolling studies, including participating physicians, is referenced on the current trials page. 

All Springfield Clinic physicians and advanced practitioners who are interested in participating as an investigator or as a sub-investigator are welcome and encouraged to contact the Clinical Research team for additional information and research support. Please contact us for additional information.