Definition of a Business Associate (BA)

Per the Omnibus Rule, a Business Associate is "defined as an entity that performs functions, activities or services on behalf of covered entities that involve use or disclosure of PHI. (create, receive, maintain, transmit, or store PHI).” Business Associate responsibilities now apply to all Business Associate subcontractors and agents. Lack of contract between parties will not prevent this designation. We request all of our Business Associates to review the Omnibus Regulations, as numerous provisions of the rules now expressly apply to business associates (and their subcontractors).


All Interpreters hired by Springfield Clinic must take the training included in the following Powerpoint presentation, Providing Care With Respect and Dignity Through Data Security & Privacy Practices - for Interpreters.

Contact Information

If you are a Business Associate of Springfield Clinic and you are not a HIPAA or HITECH-Covered Entity, the Privacy Office can assist with HIPAA training. Call the Privacy Officer at 217.391.6904.