We have found that many patients have similar questions and concerns about billing, insurance benefits and payments. Over time, we have compiled a list of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) that may help resolve your questions without a phone call to our offices.


What if I am unable to pay my entire statement balance?
Any partial payment arrangement must be pre-approved by contacting a Patient Service Representative at 217.528.7541 or 800.444.7541.

How can I make a payment?
Springfield Clinic accepts cash, checks, Discover, Visa, MasterCard credit and debit cards. Payment is due in full upon receipt of your billing statement.

Your payment by check or credit card can be made over the telephone with a Patient Service Representative at 217.528.7541 or toll-free at 800.444.7541. Payments can also be made in person at any of our office locations. You can also make an electronic payment through our website, www.springfieldclinic.com, by clicking on "Pay Your Bill Online" button. You will be given the option to register to receive electronic statements (via email) or simply choose the "Quick Pay" option to proceed directly to making a payment. You can also mail your payment to:

Springfield Clinic
P.O. Box 19260
Springfield, IL 62794-9260

What are non-covered services?
There are a number of services or items that we furnish our patients that are considered non-covered by health insurers. These services or items become your financial responsibility.

In general, services or items that you - not your doctor - request are non-covered (example: cosmetic services). Depending on your insurance coverage, some services or items your doctor determines are medically necessary also might not be covered. Patients are encouraged to contact their insurer to determine what services and items are non-covered. Many of our providers will ask for payment at the time of your appointment for services or items they have determined are not covered by insurance.

For our Medicare patients: You will be asked to sign an Advanced Beneficiary Notice (ABN) which indicates you understand the service or item you are receiving that day is anticipated to be non-covered by Medicare. You may be asked for payment at the time of service.

Can my 18-year-old dependent stay on my account?
Your eighteen year old will be moved from the family account to an account established in his or her name. The parent will no longer be able to call a Patient Service Representative to discuss their child's account without a signed Springfield Clinic consent form on file.

Who will be billed in case of divorce?
The parent with whom the minor children reside will be considered the responsible party and will receive all billing statements and correspondence.

Why do I receive bills from places other than Springfield Clinic?
You may receive services from non-Clinic providers such as laboratory services, pathology services, etc. When this occurs you will receive a separate bill from that provider.

What if I don't have insurance coverage?
You will be required to make a standard pre-payment at the time of service. This payment may not cover the entire amount owed for the services you receive. You will be billed for any remaining balance.

When will I be billed?
You will receive a monthly statement when you owe a balance. This will occur after your insurance company has responded to our billing claim. Statement balances are expected to be paid in full by the due date listed on the statement.

Will my insurance company be billed?
Yes - Springfield Clinic will bill your primary and secondary insurances as a courtesy when an assignment of benefits form is signed. Patients should be prepared to resolve disputed coverage issues directly with their insurer or employer.
  • Medicare - Springfield Clinic will bill Medicare and one supplemental insurance
  • Illinois Public Aid (Medicaid) - The patient must provide a valid Public Aid card at the time of each appointment
  • Liability Cases - Please inform the receptionist at the time of service of the appropriate liability insurance carrier. "Liability Cases" would include claims for auto accidents or personal injuries where another party is responsible for your medical bill. If the company name and address are available, Springfield Clinic will send the claim information to the carrier. However, the patient will be held responsible in the event that the claim is not paid by the insurance carrier within two billing cycles.
What should I bring to my appointment?
Please have the following information ready for a quicker registration process:
  • Referral information as required by your insurance. You may be required to reschedule if the referral from your Primary Care Physician is not in place at the time of your visit.
  • Current insurance card and photo ID
  • Current name, address and telephone number of the responsible party for the account
  • Co-payment will be collected at time of registration - we accept cash, check, major credit cards and debit cards
  • Any paperwork or information regarding special billing needs (such as Workers' Compensation, auto accident, personal liability, etc.)
These FAQs are available for viewing and printing in our Patient Accounting Brochure (pdf).