Thomas J. Duhig, MD, Joins the Orthopedic Group at Springfield Clinic
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Thomas J. Duhig, MD, Joins Springfield Clinic's Orthopedic Group

Springfield Clinic's Orthopedic Group is welcoming a new member to their team this month.

Thomas J. Duhig, MD, wanted a way to merge his interest in athletics with his desire to help people. “After my time in the Army, I found that I was drawn to the medical sciences in college,” he says. “I was influenced and inspired by multiple physicians along the way, so it was a natural progression to become a physician.” Dr. Duhig received his medical degree from St. George’s University School of Medicine followed by a residency in family medicine and a fellowship in sports medicine at Indiana University School of Medicine.

While in school, Dr. Duhig spent time volunteering at local races, bike events and boxing and mixed martial arts events. That was how he knew he wanted to help motivated individuals achieve their goals. “Sports medicine allows the physician to share in the patient’s goals of an improved lifestyle through activity and exercise,” says Dr. Duhig, whose practice will welcome elite athletes, those just starting an active lifestyle and everyone in between. “The most rewarding, and therefore my favorite, part of practicing medicine is when an athlete can return to play after treatment of an injury without limitation.”

Board certified in sports medicine and family medicine, Dr. Duhig chose to begin a practice at Springfield Clinic because he saw camaraderie among physicians and an opportunity to increase access to sports medicine care in the communities surrounding Springfield. Patients can see him at SC 1st – 800 Building at 800 North 1st Street through the Ortho 1st Clinic, and, after he starts, he will begin an outreach practice at Springfield Clinic Lincoln.

Springfield Clinic's Orthopedic Group is comprised of highly skilled and exceptionally trained orthopedic and sports medicine specialists who offer comprehensive diagnosis and treatment of conditions related to the musculoskeletal system. The Ortho 1st Clinic is a walk-in orthopedic office available six days a week to evaluate and treat injuries to the body’s bones, joints and muscles. Make an appointment by calling 217.528.7541.

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