New Illinois Law Requires Breast Density Reported Directly to Patients
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New Illinois Law Requires Breast Density Reported Directly to Patients

On Jan. 1, Illinois became the 36th state to mandate that health care providers report breast density directly to patients if it is detected in their mammogram.

The law, HB4392, requires that when a patient’s mammogram indicates they have dense beast tissue, providers must send a summary of the report to that patient in clear language.

Springfield Clinic has been proactively notifying patients for several months leading up to the Jan. 1 effective date by adding a paragraph about dense breast tissue to the mammography result letter that is sent home to applicable patients.

Tam Mai, MD, FACS, a breast surgical oncologist whose specialty is treating benign and malignant breast diseases, says, “Overall, I think this is positive for patients going forward, as more information given to the patient will allow them greater autonomy and improved shared decision making.”
The surgeons with Springfield Clinic General Surgery, located at Springfield Clinic 1st – 900 Building, offer comprehensive evaluation and a full range of operative solutions to treat the medical conditions of their patients. Dr. Mai works in Springfield Clinic’s Breast Health Center, a multidisciplinary team of specialists dedicated to getting patients their best breast cancer outcomes. The Breast Health Center maintains accreditation with the National Accreditation Program for Breast Centers (NAPBC). 

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