Meet Haylie Stone, DPT
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Meet Haylie Stone, DPT

“I lived and worked in St. Louis for the last two years, and as much fun as it was, it wasn’t home.” Haylie Stone, DPT, one of the newest members to our physical therapy team, pursued physical therapy as a career for a very special reason: After going through her own physical therapy experience in high school, she felt like she wanted to see the other side of her treatment process. Now, she’s excited to be back in the area and ready to help patients the way she was helped long ago.

Haylie Stone Works with a Rehab PatientHaylie tore her first ACL as a sophomore playing volleyball for Illini Central. Her surgeon was Diane Hillard-Sembell, MD, orthopedic surgeon with Springfield Clinic’s Orthopedic Group, and her physical therapists were Brenda Reiling, physical therapist, and Tara Wynn, physical therapist assistant. After Haylie’s seven-month long recovery, she stayed in touch with Brenda and Tara, who traveled over an hour to see her play in her first game back.

And a good thing too, because she tore her other ACL her senior year of high school. Once again, Dr. Di did the surgery and Haylie did her rehab with Brenda and Tara. It was at that point that Haylie started thinking about physical therapy school for herself. She shadowed Brenda and Tara to get a feel for the career, then did end up pursuing her doctorate of physical therapy in Iowa after her bachelor’s degree at University of Illinois - Springfield. “Up until that point, I don’t think I truly knew what studying was,” she laughs. “Now it seems so worth it, and I would do it again in a heartbeat because I get to be hands on and impact people every day.”

Now, not only is Haylie back in Springfield and working at Springfield Clinic, her entire high school injury care team is too: Brenda works at Springfield Clinic at the Villas in Sherman and Tara works at SC 1st - 800 Building. “Getting to learn from and work with the people who gave so much to me is so neat,” Haylie says. “I’m hoping that Springfield Clinic will help grow my professional skills, while providing me the opportunity to build relationships with other providers and get involved more with community outreach.” 

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