Kasey Perrine: From CMA to RN
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Kasey Perrine: From CMA to RN

Kasey PerrineKasey Perrine, RN, has worked for Scott Morton, MD, at Springfield Clinic Wabash for a decade as a certified medical assistant (CMA). But five years ago, she knew it was time for a change. After some soul searching, Kasey made a big decision: It was time to go back to school and become a registered nurse.

When Kasey was young and going to see the doctor herself, a “Nurse Buckley” inspired Kasey through her compassionate care every time Kasey visited the office. Kasey told her mom that one day she would grow up and become a nurse, so she could make patients feel better every day just like Nurse Buckley did. “I wanted to better myself and better my nursing,” Kasey says about the decision to go back to school. “I wanted to pursue my dream of actually becoming Nurse Buckley. And sure enough, here I am!”

Although the childhood dream was being a registered nurse, Kasey began her career as a CMA, hired at Dr. Morton’s office right out of a nine-month program with Midwest Technical Institute. As a certified medical assistant, Kasey roomed patients, triaged phone calls and gave injections as well as other patient care. She was able to apply the skills she learned at MTI to her work at Dr. Morton’s office, and, over the next decade, she gained confidence in the care she provided to her patients.

Once Kasey had made the decision to become a registered nurse, Dr. Morton and her manager, Tammy Lewis, were overwhelmingly supportive, as were Kasey’s peers. Tammy helped Kasey organize her schedule so Kasey could be at class or at the hospital when she needed to be. “Knowing that I never had to worry about work or job security was so helpful,” Kasey says. “The team at Wabash was amazing. I always knew that they were looking out for me and they were taking care of me. I couldn’t have done this with anyone else.”

After five long years of study and practice, Kasey began 2018 with graduation in sight. Now, she just had to make a decision about where she would begin her new career as a registered nurse. It just so happened that at the same time, Kaitlin Henry, MD, Dr. Morton’s daughter, was also beginning a new career in fall 2018 as a family medicine doctor at Springfield Clinic Wabash. And, she would need an RN to get started.

As a nursing student, Kasey had explored what being an RN in a hospital would be like, but ultimately decided the clinic setting was still the best option for her. “I didn’t like the possibility of seeing a patient on Monday and then coming back on my next shift and having no idea where they’re at or what they’re doing,” Kasey says. “I want to grow with patients and build relationships. I like seeing them accomplish their goals, seeing them before and after surgery or care—I like watching their families grow and growing with them.”

Dr. Henry remembered Kasey from shadowing her dad during medical school and knew she would be a good fit for the new medical practice Dr. Henry was building. “She was always energetic and ready to jump up and do what needed to be done,” Dr. Henry says. “I’m so lucky to have her on my team.” Kasey was elated to find out Dr. Henry would hire her when she graduated, and that Kasey would get to stay with the Wabash team that had been her home and family for 10 years.  

As she begins her nursing career with Springfield Clinic, it’s important to Kasey to continue to learn and grow. She uses the skills she learned in nursing school in addition to the tasks she mastered while working with Dr. Morton to help her patients every day. Not only is Kasey altogether more confident in the patient care she’s giving, she is thrilled to finally fulfill her childhood dream of being “Nurse Kasey.”

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