Community Shows Support for Springfield Clinic Lincoln
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Community Shows Support for Springfield Clinic Lincoln

Bad news seem to be everywhere these days, but some Lincoln residents are taking it upon themselves to combat it with generous donations and acts of kindness. 

A local woman has organized FLAG 2020 – Lincoln, IL, a Facebook group dedicated to providing meals from local restaurants to frontline workers, including health care workers, firefighters and police, in Lincoln. According to Tiffanie Glenn, operations manager at Springfield Clinic Lincoln, the providers and staff have appreciated being fed, and the donations make them feel like the community is noticing their essential work. “It’s hard to come into work not knowing what you’re going to walk into,” she says. “But we have the community backing us up and appreciating everything we’re doing for them. We’re staying open and still treating the sick and the healthy, and they’re just really appreciative.” 

Springfield Clinic Lincoln has remained open throughout the COVID-19 (coronavirus) crisis, providing treatment and wellness care, as well as lab and X-ray services. They are also offering a drive-up lab so patients can get routine lab work done without having to enter the building.  

“The triage team are rock stars,” says Tiffanie. “They suit up every day and mask patients at the door. They really have gone above and beyond in stepping up to that position, knowing they could come in contact with COVID-19 at any time.” 

The physicians at Springfield Clinic Lincoln as well as Tiffanie’s own in-laws, who are retired emergency and health care workers , have also provided food for the staff over the past several weeks. Local organizations have pitched in too—the owners of Notto Technology donated ice cream to Springfield Clinic Lincoln from Top Hat Creamery. Tiffanie has noticed that all of these kind donations—which are helping to support local businesses—are also helping to keep the spirits of her staff up. She feels strongly that this is representative of the kind of community Lincoln is: In times of crisis, they take care of their own. 

“It’s a close-knit community,” she says. “We look out for each other. The staff here, they really have each other’s backs. It’s really tight knit.”

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