Expert Staff: Education Standards for Oncology Nurses Set the Bar High at Springfield Clinic’s Cancer Center

A certification requirement for Springfield Clinic Cancer Center Nurses means better care for our patients.

5 Natural Ways to Beat Cold & Flu Season: A Survival Guide

Does the impending flu & cold season have you in a panic? Don’t worry—there are plenty of natural ways to help prevent getting the cold or flu before you even get the sniffles.

Do you know the five S’s of suicide prevention?

Whether you’re worried about a loved one or suffering yourself, it’s important to acknowledge that thoughts of self-harm or suicide are often a symptom of depression.

Springfield Marathon: Building a Community Run by Run

Local runners Joey and Justin prove that running races is more than an individual competition to see how far you can push yourself: Running is about the people you meet along the route.

Dhiren Patel, MD, Joins Springfield Clinic Vascular Surgery

Springfield Clinic’s Vascular Surgery team is welcoming a new specialist this month.

Update Prompt Care Jacksonville Will Reopen at 8am

Prompt Care Jacksonville will reopen at 8am today, Oct 2nd.

Hayan Dayoub, MD, Joins Springfield Clinic Neurological Surgery

Springfield Clinic’s Neurological Surgery Department is welcoming a new member to their team this month.

Ruchi Gupta, MD, Joins Springfield Clinic Gastroenterology

Ruchi Gupta, MD, is joining Springfield Clinic’s Gastroenterology team this month.

Five Reasons the New Apple Watch EKG Feature Might Benefit Your Cardiovascular Health

Apple is taking a notable step into the medical technology world with the release of its newest Apple Watch, which was recently cleared by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to administer an electrocardiogram (EKG) test. EKGs record the electrical activity of the heart and are used to check for evidence of heart disease. Springfield Clinic cardiologist Ish Singla, MD, explains why this feature is exciting to him as an interventional cardiology specialist.

Behind the Computer: Meet Springfield Clinic’s IT Professionals

Helpful, knowledgeable and typically able to solve a problem over the phone, our Information Technology team makes it look easy. But, as Director of IT Tim Carpenter notes, “It takes a very special skillset to get the systems here going and quite a bit of work to get information to the right place.”