Baby Steps Class Series – Labor of Love: Preparing for Childbirth


Join our Labor of Love: Preparing for Childbirth class to learn everything you need to know about childbirth!

These are one-session classes; all of the information is presented in one morning. Topics include:

  • Your obstetrics care team and each person’s role in your birth experience
  • Signs of early labor and when to call your doctor or go to the hospital
  • The basics of pregnancy anatomy
  • Stages and process of natural labor
  • Techniques to assist you through the stages of labor
  • Pain management options during labor
  • Understanding that not all things go “as planned” in labor and delivery
  • What a “4th trimester” is

After the class, attendees will split into two groups for hospital tours. Each attendee can choose which hospital they want to tour, Memorial or St. John’s.

Registration is required. Please sign up online with the convenient form.

Location: Springfield Clinic 1st - 900 Bldg. 900 North 1st Street • Springfield, IL

Time: 8 a.m. – 1 p.m.

Room: 2nd Floor, Education Room

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