Physical Therapy

Springfield Clinic's physical therapists see patients in consultation and upon referral by licensed physicians. Our staff is widely versed in the treatment of many common physical therapy disorders, as well as many specialized areas not seen in most clinics. We have a team of experienced and versatile therapists who are dedicated to providing the individual attention you expect from the Springfield Clinic health care team. We care about patients and work together toward a successful and healthy outcome.

Physical therapy is concerned with identifying and maximizing your quality of life and movement potential within the physical, psychological, emotional and social well being. Physical therapy is performed by either a physical therapist (PT) or an assistant (PTA) acting under the direction of the PT.


In general, a physical therapist provides services designed for preventing the onset and/or slowing the progression of conditions resulting from injury, disease and other causes. Our physical therapists provide services to people of all ages who have functional conditions resulting from many conditions like:
  • Evaluate and treat physical conditions, such as:
    • Back and neck injuries
    • Sprains, strains, fractures
    • Arthritis
    • High level stroke
    • Multiple sclerosis
    • Injuries related to work and sports
  • Increase and maintain muscle strength and endurance
  • Restore and increase range of motion in joints
  • Increase coordination
  • Decrease pain and/or stress
  • Decrease muscle spasm and spasticity
  • Decrease swelling and inflammation of joints
  • Promote healing of soft tissue lesions
  • Prevent contracture and deformity of limbs
  • Alleviate walking problems
  • Educate patients and families about their care

The focus of physical therapy is to restore range of motion and improve core stability to reduce incidence of pain and muscle spasm through improved awareness of body mechanics and ergonomics. Our department utilizes several approaches including manual therapy, therapeutic exercise, modalities and the use of the Swiss Ball and foam rollers, to improve lumbar stabilization and core stability.

We treat a wide range of orthopedic conditions, including plantar fasciitis, tennis elbow and impingement syndrome. The focus of therapy is to improve the patient’s biomechanics to reduce overuse injury with goal of return to prior level of function. Our department utilizes manual therapy skills to reduce myofascial tension, therapeutic exercise to restore musculoskeletal symmetry, and the use of modalities to reduce pain and inflammation.

The goal with therapy is to improve the patient’s stability, center of gravity awareness and limits of stability to reduce incidences of falling and loss of balance. Our department utilizes several approaches including the Smart Balance Master, Swiss Balls and functional activities.

Evaluation of the foot and ankle for custom rigid orthotics to improve symptoms and biomechanics of the lower extremity.

These areas include the treatment of higher level stroke care and Multiple Sclerosis patients. Physical Therapy also works closely with our team of neurosurgeons on treatment of post discectomy or spinal fusion patients

Patient education and instruction in lymphedema, range of motion and postural exercises including soft tissue mobilization to improve shoulder biomechanics and postural awareness following a mastectomy.

Our Physical Therapy department carries a wide variety of supplies to provide joint protection, including ankle, wrist, knee and custom ACL braces. These supplies can be provided to the patient with a physician’s prescription, without an appointment

The goal of therapy is to improve the patient’s awareness of proper bladder health, voiding intervals and improve pelvic floor muscle tone. Our Physical Therapy department utilizes Holister In- Care biofeedback technology, in conjunction with manual therapy skills and patient education.

The goal of therapy is to improve postural awareness and lumbar stabilization with appropriate progression of a home program specifically designed for the pre or post natal patient.

Vestibular rehabilitation helps patients address their decrease in balance and stability by improving postural control, center of gravity and limits of stability combined with sensory integration. In addition the therapist is able to assess the need for canal repositioning techniques which may include the Epley maneuver to help resolve vertigo.

Physical Therapy utilizes these taping techniques to improve biomechanics of a joint to facilitate progression strengthening. Taping is also used in conjunction with therapy to inhibit muscle spasms which may be contributing to pain.

Our Physical Therapy department encourages a patient to be seen prior to surgery to provide gait training using crutches, cane or walker. Physical Therapists are specially trained to progress range of motion and strength to restore you back to your prior level of function throughout your entire rehab program. Your therapist provides regular progress reports to your physician to improve patient outcomes and communication.


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