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Occupational medicine deals with the prevention and treatment of diseases and injuries occurring at work or in specific occupations in addition to delivering health advice to organizations and individuals to ensure that the highest standards of health and safety at work can be achieved and maintained for our businesses and industries.

Injuries and illnesses directly impact your bottom line. Springfield Clinic MOHA services help control costs, improve medical care and close out old workers’ compensation cases. Our on-site medical service is also a tremendous employee benefit, allowing for quality, expeditious and convenient care.

MOHA's team of medical professionals includes physicians who specialize in occupational health, providing a wide range medical services at company locations throughout the Midwest. Additionally, MOHA is served by nurse practitioners and certified drug screen collectors.


Treatment of Work-Related Injuries/Illnesses

Walk-In Occupational Related Medical Care

Health & Wellness Programs

MOHA can provide company-wide health risk assessments and health fairs. These services help companies identify potential health risks and implement wellness programs designed to help the workforce stay or become healthier. For example, MOHA professionals can help employees become more physically fit, teach proper nutrition, assist with smoking cessation and provide weight loss programs. Promoting employee health can also prevent the onset or progression of serious illness, such as heart disease and diabetes. More and more, top corporations are implementing these programs which result in reduced medical costs and lost productivity.

Strategies to Control Costs

Health care costs are rising and can take an increasingly large share of your budget and bottom line. MOHA has saved its clients millions of dollars each year through a strategy for controlling health care costs. MOHA offers on-site medical services at company locations; saving time, reducing medical costs and improving employee health. These strategies include:
  • Pre-placement/post-job offer evaluations to ensure that potential new hires are physically able to perform job duties
  • Evaluation and treatment of occupation-related conditions in an evidence-based manner
  •  Evaluation and treatment of acute non-occupation related conditions to reduce lost productivity and medical costs
  • Performance of return to work/fitness for duty evaluations after a medical leave to ensure capability of performing job duties
  • Expeditious consultations
  • On-site medical case management/review
  • Job site evaluations to determine causation, provide recommendations for ergonomic modifications and create functional job descriptions

Return on Investment (ROI)

Springfield Clinic Midwest Occupational Health Associates (MOHA) has successfully saved our clients money with an impressive Return On Investment (ROI). Injuries and illnesses directly impact your bottom line. MOHA services help control costs, improve medical care and close out old workers’ compensation cases. Our on-site medical service is also a tremendous employee benefit, allowing for quality, expeditious and convenient care.


A wide range of occupational health services are available to corporations, private sector companies, governmental agencies and not-for-profit organizations, including medical, on-site and health fair services.

Comprehensive Executive Health Examinations

MOHA physicians provide comprehensive medical exams for company executives. Contact MOHA for additional details.

DOT: FMCSA/FAA Examinations

MOHA medical providers are trained and qualified to conduct DOT Examinations (FMCSA/FAA) as required by Federal regulations. FAA Class 2 and 3 exams are performed at the MOHA´s Springfield Medical Clinic only.

Fit for Duty Evaluation

MOHA offers medical evaluations to ensure that injured or ill workers are fit to return to their position after being out on medical leave. MOHA clinicians also perform evaluations to determine the fitness for duty of an employee that is currently working, but has raised concern regarding their job performance from a medical, substance use/abuse, or other standpoint.

Health Fairs

Prevention is essential to helping ensure a healthy workforce and controlling health care costs. Lives are saved each year when medical conditions are discovered. If detected in time, many diseases can be delayed or prevented, through treatment, improved nutrition and proper exercise. Persons who are “pre-diabetic” can be spared the high cost and dangerous health effects of diabetes through changes in diet and exercise. The risk of heart attack and stroke can be reduced when high blood pressure is identified and treated. Certain cancers can be delayed or prevented when nutrition and exercise are enhanced.

MOHA offers companies and organizations a proprietary executive summary and detailed management reports, including charts and statistics that show the number and percentage of employees who are experiencing certain medical conditions, such as high blood pressure, diabetes and high cholesterol.

Health fairs typically take personal measurements of:

  • Height
  • Weight
  • Blood pressure
  • Body mass index
  • Blood sample
    • Sample taken and analyzed for cholesterol, triglycerides, HDL, LDL and blood glucose.

Again, individual results are confidential. Overall group results can identify any widespread medical conditions that can be addressed.

Independent Medical Evaluations

MOHA physicians can help resolve old or outstanding workers’ compensation cases through the performance of independent medical exams.

Job Site Evaluations

MOHA physicians are trained in ergonomics and biomechanics. MOHA physicians perform job site evaluations for multiple reasons as listed below:

  • Causation
    • MOHA clinicians are trained to evaluate the biomechanical factors of job duties to determine if a plausible relationship exists between a workers' medical condition and the work place.
  • Ergonomic Modification
    • MOHA clinicians can evaluate job tasks and then provide recommendations for ergonomics modifications to reduce and/or prevent injuries.
  • Job Description
    • MOHA can review existing job descriptions to determine if they are appropriate for the task to be performed or facilitate the creation of new job descriptions based upon physical review of job tasks.  Changes in job descriptions can aid in the medical exam process to ensure that new hires are physically able to perform the demands of the position.

Medical Exposure Evaluations

Physical Agents
MOHA clinicians can perform periodic evaluations that may include medical testing on individuals who may be exposed to various physical agents (liquids, fumes, vapors, dusts, etc.). In addition, MOHA clinicians can perform evaluations on individuals after an exposure if there is a health concern due to potential or suspected exposure through inhalation, ingestion or absorption.

Members of HAZMAT teams should be examined and baseline labs and other studies performed prior to conducting response or mitigation duties.  The HAZMAT team members should also undergo annual physical evaluations.  

Bloodborne Pathogens
Health care workers, emergency responders, EMS personnel and others who may be exposed to HIV, hepatitis or other bloodborne pathogens should be tested within 24-48 hours of exposure and then undergo appropriate post-exposure testing thereafter.  

On-Site Workers Compensation Case Review & Management

Midwest Occupational Health Associates (MOHA) has a long track record of saving its clients millions of dollars in workers' compensation expenses, such success is the result of a multi-faceted approach to improve health care and reduce costs. Treatments are performed by clinicians specializing in occupational medicine. Consultations with other specialists (surgeons, neurologists, etc) are expedited, greatly reducing the time and expense of having employees miss work and the cost of replacement labor. MOHA can even help close existing cases.

Evaluation and treatment of injured workers at the work site for larger clients has proven to have significant cost reduction and an impressive return on investment (ROI). While on-site, providers are able to review the cases in "real-time" after a patient appointment with safety directors, human resources directors, supervisors, etc, to optimize the management of cases.

OSHA Compliant Regulatory Medical Examinations

MOHA clinicians are knowledgeable of the OSHA standards for performing OSHA Compliant Regulatory Examinations to keep you company in compliance with the law.

Members of HAZMAT teams should be provided annual medical exams to ensure that they are physically able to meet the highly stressful demands of emergency response, hot and heavy protective clothing and the additional demands of respirators include self-contained breathing apparatus.  Individuals may have blood and/or urine tested for baseline toxicant levels prior to performing response or mitigation duties.  For emergency responders and those who have been exposed to inhalation, ingestion or skin absorption of various toxicants, blood tests can be taken and analyzed to assist in determining the degree of exposure and potential complications. 

MOHA performs examinations for:
  • Respiratory Protection
  • Chromium VI
  • Methylene Chloride
  • Cadmium
  • Asbestos
  • Lead
  • Others

Pre-Placement / Post-offer Evaluations

Protect your hiring decision to ensure that new employees are able to perform the duties as defined in their job description. These evaluations are comprehensive and ADA compliant.

Pulmonary Function Testing (Spirometry)

Lung capacity may be measured through Spirometry which is especially important for those who utilize respirators. It may also be utilized to track lung function over time. Spirometry is performed persuant to the American College of Occupantions and Environmental Medicine (ACOEM), the American Thoracic Society (ATS), and the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) guidelines.

Respirator Fit Testing

MOHA can perform respirator fit testing to ensure that respirators fit properly to protect workers from a wide range of chemical hazards. MOHA utilizes the qualitative method for respirator fit testing.

Treatment of Work Related Injuries/Illnesses

Walk-In Non-Occupational Related Medical Care

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