Frequently Asked Questions


Can I drive myself home after the procedure?
No. You must have a friend or family member available to drive you home. You may not take a cab home either.

Should I stop my 81 mg aspirin before the procedure?
You should not stop your low dose aspirin. However, if you are on regular strength aspirin (325 mg) or another blood thinner, such as Plavix or Coumadin, you should call our office for further instruction.

What if the bowel prep makes me sick?
Stop drinking the prep for about an hour to settle your stomach. You do not have to drink this prep quickly, especially if it makes you feel ill. Drinking the entire amount of prep is the key. It may help to add Crystal Light to each individual glass to improve the taste, and to drink it on ice.

Will I feel pain during the colonoscopy?
No, you will not feel any discomfort during the procedure. Your physician will adjust medication levels to maintain your sedation and pain control.

Can I have anything solid to eat on my bowel prep day?
No. You want to have the best prep possible in order to allow the physician to identify and remove tiny polyps. The only way to insure this is to only have clear liquids on bowel prep day.

What if I'm not cleaned out?
Sometimes this does happen. It is more common in patients who suffer from chronic constipation. If you have bowel movements less frequently than every two days, you should notify your physician. He or she may want to prescribe an extra step to your bowel prep to insure successful cleanse.

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