At Springfield Clinic, we encourage progressive thinking and innovation so we can continue to lead the way in healthcare delivery. We advance groundbreaking technology to deliver quality care in a state-of-the-art environment with our Electronic Health Record (EHR), myHealth@SC Patient Health Portal, mySpringfieldClinic app and more.

Our award-winning technology makes Springfield Clinic completely connected!

mySpringfieldClinicThe mySpringfieldClinic app lets you explore Springfield Clinic physicians, locations, and specialties. Use this handy app to

  • Find a doctor, specialty or office location, all with easy and flexible search features.
  • Contact your Springfield Clinic doctors with the touch of a button or locate the nearest office and bring up directions right from your device.
  • Keep track of your preferred SC Physicians and SC Locations by adding it to your favorites!
  • Link to Springfield Clinic resources including myHealth@SC, videos, and the Health Library.

When you need us most, Springfield Clinic is available 24/7 at your fingertips. Download this FREE app on your iPhone, iPad or Android device today! 


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myHealth@SC is Springfield Clinic's personal patient portal. For more information or to sign up, visit our myHealth@SC info page.

Springfield Clinic Patient Kiosk

On the technology front, new patient self-check kiosks are now available as an alternative to the traditional registration process in nearly all Springfield Clinic offices. Patients can utilize the kiosk to change personal information, verify insurance coverage and make a co-payment. Of course, reception staff members are still on hand and will be happy to assist patients upon their arrival.

What is the Kiosk?
The Patient Kiosk is a biometric authentication device that is more accurate and faster than a fingerprint. The Patient Kiosk allows the patient to check into a healthcare organization and update their records much more quickly than the traditional methods available.

Why use the Kiosk?
Patients can view a current appointment, verify demographic information, make a co-payment, and “arrive” for their appointment without standing in line or verbally updating their information at the reception desk. Enrolling with a palm scan also registers your unique identification within the Clinic system.

For more detailed information on the Patient Kiosk and privacy, please view our FAQ document.

Springfield Clinic's Electronic Health Record

To access your personal patient health portal and online medical records, visit myHealth@SC.

EHRIn 2008, Springfield Clinic’s physician practices successfully completed the implementation of a new, state-of-the-art technology called electronic health records (EHR). EHRs, also known as electronic medical records, essentially replace traditional paper-based charts, by storing patient-specific health information, like medications, test results and physicians’ notes, in a secure electronic format. The result is more accurate and timely health information that helps Springfield Clinic providers better care for you.

With over 800,000 annual patient encounters, generating in excess of one million transcription notes and 500,000 prescriptions, a robust electronic health record was considered the only real solution to improve patient care, increase efficiency and prepare for the future. During 2007, movement to the EHR was projected to result in savings of $1.6 million in transcription costs alone. These savings, in addition to the clinic’s commitment to quality and desire to improve continuity of care, led to the selection of Allscripts Healthcare Solutions TouchWorks application, made operational through Motion Computing Ultra Mobile Solutions.

This web page includes materials we used to inform patients about the new EHR technology when it was implemented.

Your Patient Chart. Electronically. Efficiently. Accurately.

Yes. It’s true. No more paper charts.

Our office can now chart, track, access and update your health record online through electronic health records (EHRs).

What does this mean for you, besides a more efficient and thorough medical visit?

  • Your health information is easily retrievable – at any time – by only your authorized clinicians and physicians
  • Your health history is automatically updated each time you visit your physician’s office
  • Your electronic health records are more easily understood than traditional paper charts
  • Your private information is protected by secure technology
  • Your quality of care is improved without increased costs

Electronic health records. A faster, easier, better way to obtain the high quality health care you deserve.

Medical Innovations

Learn more about the medical innovations at Springfield Clinic.



myHealth@SC is Springfield Clinic's personal patient portal. For more information or to sign up, visit our myHealth@SC info page.