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Springfield Clinic 1st
800 North 1st Street
Springfield, IL 62702

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Effective Monday, March 3rd, Springfield Clinic Physicial Therapy will be located at 3020 S. Sixth Street, Springfield, IL 62703. 

Following a series of mergers with established, Springfield-based medical specialty practices, Springfield Clinic looked to centralize its surgical specialties into a single facility that could provide physicians with ease of access to both Springfield hospitals and create a common destination for patients.

Construction first began in July 2004 and was completed in early spring 2006. Nearly 70 specialists and 300 staff members occupied the building in a series of moves throughout the spring and early summer. By July, Springfield Clinic 1st was in full operation and six Springfield satellite locations were eliminated. An official dedication ceremony and open house were held on Sunday, July 23, 2006.

Springfield Clinic 1st houses more than 12 medical specialties and offers ancillary services including Radiology, Lab and Physical Therapy. A 3.0 Tesla MRI unit was added to the fully digital imaging services offered at the facility in summer of 2009.

Springfield Clinic 1st remains one of Springfield Clinic's busiest medical centers. Patient drop off is available at the Main Entrance on the building's south side and parking has been expanded to include lots on the north and south sides of Miller street.


Departments and Providers at this location include:

Primary Location Specialties


    Adeeb Ahmed, MD, FACC, FSCAI, FACP

    Katie R. Asp, PA-C

    Stephen Y. Chen, DO

    Angela K. Lafrenz, NP-C

    Eric C. Mak, MD

    Renee L. Manring, ACNP-BC

    John E. Nester, MD

    Tasha R. Schuette, PA-C

    Ish K. Singla, MD

    Kristin L. Willis, PA-C

    Christian A. Zellner, MD

Colon & Rectal Surgery

    Peter M.C. Hofmann, MD

    Paul E. Pacheco, MD

    Brad D. Paris, MD

    James W. Thiele, MD, FACS, FASCRS

    Sally A. Vespa, PA-C

    E. Dawn Wietfeldt, MD

    John D. Zander, MD, FACS, FASCRS

Dietetics & Nutrition

    Amanda B. Figge, MS, RD, LDN

General Surgery

    Aaron T. Brewer, MD, FACS

    James K. Fullerton, MD

    Max D. Hammer, MD, FACS

    Eric M. High, MD

    Orlando J. Icaza, Jr., MD, FACS

    Courtney B. Krohe, FNP-BC

    Mark Kuhnke, MD, FACS

    Brandon Landsverk, PA-C

    Kari M. McClernon, PA-C

    Donald S. Ross, MD, MBA, FACS

    Alyssa L. Tusek, PA-C

    Elizabeth A. Warner, MD

    Keith A. Wichterman, MD, FACS

Neurological Surgery

    Leslie J. Acakpo-Satchivi, MD, PhD, FAANS

    Brooke N. Bell, PA-C

    Margaret MacGregor, MD, FACS, FAANS

    Brian K. Russell, MD, FACS, FAANS

    Stephanie A. Solomon, FNP-BC

    Elvia A. Washington, FNP-BC


    Cecile E.F. Becker, MD

    Christine M. Carver, FNP-BC

    Claude J. Fortin, MD

    David A. Gelber, MD

    Koteswara R. Narla, MD

Obstetrics & Gynecology

    Jodi L. Bangert, PA-C

    Heather N. Beal, MD

    Cheryl L. Brown, MD

    Leslie A. Dignan-Moore, MD

    Mary Beth Ditman, FNP-BC

    Richard T. Eden, MD

    Ernest E. Ertmoed, MD

    Beth A. Killam, CNM

    Tammie A. Klein, MD

    Nora T MacZura, MD

    William D. Putman, MD

    Toni M. Quinn, MD

    Hannah B. Reed, WHNP-BC

    Pamela J. Rundle, MD

    Dustin J. Stehling, MD

    Donna J. Sweetland, MD

    Carol S. Weidler, WHNP-BC

    Robin J. Wells, FNP-BC

    J. Michael Zinzilieta, MD

Orthopedic Group

    Daniel M. Adair, MD

    Mirjam J. Allen, NP-C

    Tomasz W. Borowiecki, MD

    Matthew P. Gardner, MD

    Mark D. Greatting, MD

    Diane C. Hillard-Sembell, MD

    Jennifer E. Jenkins, FNP-BC

    Jianjun Ma, MD

    Jennifer R. Nichelson, FNP-BC

    William D. Payne, MD

    Stephen J. Pineda, MD

    Galina E. Polevaya, PA-C

    David W. Purves, PA-C

    Ra'Kerry K. Rahman, MD

    Tonya L. Reddy, FNP-BC

    Jonathan A. Rueter, PA-C

    Jeffrey A. Schopp, MD

    Amanda L. Sedivy, PA-C

    Rishi Sharma, MD

    Benjamin W. Stevens, MD

    Nicole M. Venvertloh, PA-C

    G. Brett Western, MD

    Brett W. Wolters, MD

    Christopher E. Wottowa, MD


    R. Mitchell Parker, DPM, FACFAS

    Marten J. Sikorski, DPM, FACFAS

    Mary L. Sipes, DPM, FACFAS


    Jason P. Guthrie, MD

    Jeffrey R. Horvath, MD

    Michael A. Pick, MD

    Mark A. Stern, MD


    Mary E. Atwood, ACNP-BC, CUNP

    Thomas E. Baron, MD, MBA, FACS

    Donna J. Blessman, FNP-BC

    David C. Lieber, MD

    Susan E. Nelson, FNP-BC, CUNP

    David A. Roszhart, MD

    William C. Severino, MD

    Herbert J. Wiser, MD

Vascular Surgery

    Lynne D. Barkmeier, MD

    Stacey A. Graven, ACNP-BC

    Andrew D. Lambert, MD

    Stephen M. Ryan, MD




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