Prompt Care

Prompt Care Main
1025 South 6th Street
Springfield, IL, 62703-2403
Mon: 8AM-8PM
Tue: 8AM-8PM
Wed: 8AM-8PM
Thu: 8AM-8PM
Fri: 8AM-8PM
Sat: 8AM-8PM
Sun: 8AM-8PM
Prompt Care West
2200 Wabash Avenue
Springfield, IL, 62704-5352
Mon: 8AM-8PM (Excluding Major Holidays)
Tue: 8AM-8PM (Excluding Major Holidays)
Wed: 8AM-8PM (Excluding Major Holidays)
Thu: 8AM-8PM (Excluding Major Holidays)
Fri: 8AM-8PM (Excluding Major Holidays)
Sat: 8AM-8PM (Excluding Major Holidays)
Sun: 8AM-8PM (Excluding Major Holidays)

Prompt Care Main

Prompt Care is Springfield Clinic's no appointment medical service, providing convenient access to board certified physicians and mid-level providers when patient need it most. Prompt Care Main is located at Springfield Clinic Main Campus - East Building.

Prompt Care Main is open 365 days a year from 8:00 am to 8:00 pm. In addition to medical services, Prompt Care offers convenient lab and radiology services to support the most thorough diagnosis and treatment of acute conditions and injuries.

Departments and Providers at this location include:

Primary Location Specialties

Allergy, Asthma & Immunology

    Renu C. Govindaiah, MD

    Linda Wilson Klemm, FNP-BC

    Andrea K. Perkins, FNP-BC

    Ellen L. Pratt, MD

    Erica L. Young, PA-C

Ambulatory Surgery & Endoscopy Center

    Judith A. Aydt, CRNA

    Mindy Damery, CRNA

    Janet C. DeClerck, CRNA

    Delores A. Gallo, CRNA

    Janice M. Hall, CRNA

    Eswara R. Kakarala, MD

    Heidi L. Klemm-Glatz, CRNA

    Erin M. Murphy, CRNA

    Rebecca S. Murphy, CRNA

    T. Neil Rooke, MD

    Christopher D. Ryan, MD

    Sara Jane Schirding, CRNA

    Jeff P. Thompson, MD

    Neil L. Thompson, CRNA

    Nicholas M. Till, CRNA

    Brenda S. Tintori, CRNA


    Christine M. Bitzer, MS

    Stephanie K. Chabez, AuD

    Cassandra J. Maillet, AuD

    Charles E. Swain, Jr., PhD

Behavioral Health

    Seetal Kakumani, MD


    Vivianne C Beyer, MD

    Cassandra Claman, MD

    Sarah M. Dietrich, MD

    Cara A. Gravlin, ACNP-BC

    Judith P. Knox, MD

    Brandon Landsverk, PA-C

    Colleen C. Langer, PA-C

    Jamie L. McGinness, MD

    Katherine Stealey, MD

    Melinda M. Vance, FNP-BC

Dietetics & Nutrition

    Amanda B. Figge, MS, RD, LDN


    Pamela S. Brodt, ACNP-BC

    Rebecca P. Green, MD, PhD

    Kevin D. Hazard, MD

    Anjoli M. Martinez-Singh, RD, LDN

    Mary E. Perryman, CPNP-PC

    Kristina M. Rexroad, FNP-BC

    Sufyan Said, MD, FACE

    Lynn M. Speck, MD, FACE

    Jadwiga M. Wesly, MD

Family Medicine

    Danielle N. Harris, NP-C

    Stefan P. Kozak, MD

    Steven J. Lewis, MD

    Paul W. Phillips, MD

    Melinda M. Vance, FNP-BC

    Jennifer L. Western, MD

    Randy L. Western, MD


    Fadi Annaba, MD

    Sailaja M. Cheruku, MD

    Ashish Chopra, MD

    Tyson J. Corbin, PA-C

    Heather C. Ey, FNP-BC

    Richard M. Foster, FNP-BC

    Paul E. Houk, PA-C

    Peter J. Karras, MD, PhD

    Rajan Kochar, MD, MPH

    Robert G. Mosley, MD

    Ted Paradowski, MD

    William L. Peterson, MD

Internal Medicine

    Laura J. Amidon, FNP-BC

    Diane H. Aw, MD

    Timothy G. Drake, MD

    Vladimir A. Lytchakov, MD

    Cathy Lomelino McAfee, MD

    David D. Pittman, MD

    Gary G. Shull, MD

    Pramila Venigalla, MD

    J. Neville White, MD


    Bhavani Adusumilli, MD

    Merry C. Downer, MD

    Nicolas A. Forero, MD

    Arvind K. Garg, MD

    Bradford L. West, MD

Obstetrics & Gynecology

    Randolph W. Roller, MD

Otolaryngology (Ear, Nose & Throat)

    Sarah S. Fowler, MD

    Philip Garcia, MD

    Jamie L. Harnden, FNP-BC

    Maurya E. Hofner, PA-C

    Xinyan Huang, MD, PhD

    Nathan D. Joos, MD

    Beth A. Phelps, ACNP-BC

Prompt Care

    Arun V. Abraham, MD

    Deborah E. Albright, MD

    Stanley E. Allen, MD

    Mary K. Campbell, MD

    Tracy R. Hendricks, MD

    Joanne F. O'Brien, FNP-BC

    Marilyn S. Robins, ACNP-BC

    Melody S. Schniepp, MD

    Christopher A. Sprinkel, PA-C

    Rajesh Srinivasan, MD

    Elizabeth K. Sweitzer, PA-C

    Sarah L. Wilks, NP-C

    Agnes A. Wood, MD

The Eye Institute

    Ramanath Bhandari, MD

    Phyllis I. Eze, MD

    Kim B. Krager, OD

    John E. Kwedar, MD

    Gaylan W. Moushon, OD

    Jennifer M. Nottage, MD

    Jessi R. Prentice, FNP-BC

    Grant W. Su, MD

    Robin B. Valenti, OD

    Jeffrey A. Young, OD


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