Pink Steel

2013 Pink Steel Tour

Springfield Clinic partnered once again this year with O’Shea Healthcare Builders and Selvaggio Steel to support breast cancer awareness and commemorate the popular PINK STEEL event.

This year, a full-sized replica of the PINK STEEL ribbon went on TOUR to various locations throughout Springfield gathering signatures in recognition of breast health awareness.



2012 Pink Steel Tour
"Pink Steel: Building Strength from Within!"

In honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, Springfield Clinic, in partnership with O’Shea Healthcare Builders, proudly presented “Pink Steel: Building Strength from Within” inaugural event. The event, held Thursday, October 25th, 2012 on the construction site of the new Springfield Clinic 1st expansion at 1st and Dodge Streets, recognized all those affected by breast cancer—from survivors and their loved ones to those whose battles were lost. The event’s name—Pink Steel—has a double meaning. While it figuratively describes the strength within breast cancer patients and survivors, the term is also literal—the Springfield Clinic 1st expansion will be constructed by Selvaggio Steel of Springfield using steel beams coated in pink.

Pink Steel featured guest speakers and refreshments--and the free t-shirts given away to each of the first 600 people in attendance were gone within 45 minutes!

The more than 800 attendees had the opportunity to become part of the new building, by signing both a steel pink ribbon that will be used as an interior centerpiece in the Clinic’s mammography unit, as well as one of the steel beams that will be erected into the building. It was truly a day of strength, hope and inspiration. Thank you to everyone who came out in support of Pink Steel!

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After Pink Steel...We'll still be building strength from within.

Springfield Clinic's new medical office building, to be completed in Summer 2014, will feature patient-focused services, creating greater access, convenience and continuity of care than ever before!

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